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The official website of Nantong Co., Ltd. of Shanghai Songjiang Shock Absorber Group introduces to you: JS type radiator spring shock absorber information, Songjiang Group recommends new spring shock absorber for workshop radiator tower, making full use of the low frequency of integrated steel spring and the damping of rubber vibration, which can eliminate high frequency transmission, achieve obvious effect of vibration and noise reduction, and solve the difficulty of vibration reduction due to the uneven center of gravity of mechanical equipment. Point.

[Product Name]: JS Spring Shock Absorber for Heat Dissipating Tower

[Product Brand]: Songjiang Group

[Product Quality Assurance]: 5 years

[Applicable environment] Construction, water supply and drainage, light and heavy industries, refrigeration, water heating, fire protection, electric power, etc.

[Product characteristics]: The anti-seismic effect is good, and the anti-seismic performance is good.

JS spring shock absorber is composed of multiple composite springs, upper and lower steel plates and rubber pads. The product makes full use of the low frequency of the composite steel spring and the damping property of rubber vibration reduction, eliminates the high frequency transmission, achieves obvious effect of vibration and noise reduction, and solves the difficulty of vibration reduction of mechanical equipment with uneven center of gravity. This product is an open structure. When installed, it can be directly placed under the equipment, adjust the center of gravity, and then connect the upper and lower end surfaces through fixed holes. It can also be directly placed between the branching bearing structures of the shock absorber. It is suitable for vibration reduction of mechanical equipment such as fan, water pump and air conditioning unit.


4、售后服务:过水产品 质保5年,耐高温、耐酸碱、耐油质保3年,特殊介质,质保1年;凡是质量问题导致,12小时内给出书面答复,24小时内给出解决方案;如有质量问题,我厂退回全部货款,并承担拆装费用和运输费用;

We promise:
1. Raw materials: strictly implement the standard of raw materials;
2. Production process: strict control, traceability;
3. Testing Center: raw materials, rubber process, finished product performance, pressure, blasting, regular testing;
4. After sales service: aquatic products are guaranteed for 5 years, high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, oil resistance for 3 years, and special media for 1 year; if quality problems are caused, a written reply will be given within 12 hours, and solutions will be given within 24 hours; if there are quality problems, our factory will return all the payment, and bear the disassembly and transportation costs;

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