上海淞江减震器集团南通有限公司为您介绍:GDU3型管道管夹减震器产品信息,淞江集团拥有多年的生产经验,为国内众 […]







GDU3管道管夹减震器又称管道管夹橡胶减震器产品采用上下橡胶隔振座,上下均采用钢铁材质,内边贴有橡胶隔振垫,能稳定管道本身的振动,从而有效隔离管道振动对墙体、地面及设备的振动。该产品优点在于其结实,实用寿命长,安装简便,外形美观,是管道减震器的不二选择。淞江集团生产的管道减震器有弧形凹凸橡胶弹性垫与弧形金属板局部粘贴组合而成,通常用于装 有弹性支撑的机械设备的管道上,不仅对管道起弹性支撑作用,管道穿墙隔离等,而且对管道机械振动具有良好隔离和显著降低结构噪声的作用,从而改善环境提高设备的减振效果。

Shanghai Songjiang shock absorber group Nantong Co., Ltd. will introduce to you: GDU3 pipe clamp shock absorber product information, Songjiang Group has many years of production experience, to provide GDU3 pipe clamp shock absorber products for many domestic engineering cases.

[Product Name]: GDU3 Pipeline Clamp Shock Absorber

[Product Brand]: Songjiang Group

[Product Model]: GDU3-50~GDU3-1000

[Applicable environment] Construction, water supply and drainage, light and heavy industries, refrigeration, water heating, fire protection, electric power, etc.

[Product characteristics]: The anti-seismic effect is good, and the anti-seismic performance is good.

GDU3 pipeline clamp shock absorber is also called pipeline clamp rubber shock absorber product, which adopts upper and lower rubber vibration isolation seat. Both upper and lower steel materials are used, and rubber vibration isolation pad is attached to the inner side. It can stabilize the vibration of pipeline itself, thus effectively isolating the vibration of pipeline to wall, ground and equipment. The product has the advantages of strong structure, long service life, simple installation and beautiful appearance, and is the best choice for pipeline shock absorbers. The pipeline shock absorber produced by Songjiang Group is composed of arc-shaped concave-convex rubber elastic cushion and arc metal plate, which is usually used in the pipeline of mechanical equipment equipped with elastic support. It not only acts as elastic support for pipeline, but also acts as isolation for mechanical vibration of pipeline and reduces structural noise remarkably, so as to improve the environment and improve equipment. The effect of shock absorption.


4、售后服务:过水产品 质保5年,耐高温、耐酸碱、耐油质保3年,特殊介质,质保1年;凡是质量问题导致,12小时内给出书面答复,24小时内给出解决方案;如有质量问题,我厂退回全部货款,并承担拆装费用和运输费用;

We promise:
1. Raw materials: strictly implement the standard of raw materials;
2. Production process: strict control, traceability;
3. Testing Center: raw materials, rubber process, finished product performance, pressure, blasting, regular testing;
4. After sales service: aquatic products are guaranteed for 5 years, high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, oil resistance for 3 years, and special media for 1 year; if quality problems are caused, a written reply will be given within 12 hours, and solutions will be given within 24 hours; if there are quality problems, our factory will return all the payment, and bear the disassembly and transportation costs;

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